Correct a document

Correct a document


Does not discuss the effectiveness of the approach used by a professional to deal with problems or issues involving ethical practice in a case study..

1-This criterion requires you to discuss the approach used by Corey and/or other professionals in the case study to solve the ethical issue. This criterion could have been strengthened by describing the consequences of using specific effective and ineffective approaches to dealing with this type of situation.

Does not discuss the effectiveness of the communication approaches present in a case study.

2-You did not discuss the communication approaches that Corey and/or other professionals in the case study used to resolve the ethical dilemma. Moreover, a discussion of which communication approaches should be used more and which should be avoided in this type of situation could have reinforced this criterion.


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OLD SCHOOL OR OUT OF TOUCH? 1 Old School or Out of Touch? Sarai Artires Capella University Developing a Health Care Perspective Applying Ethical Principles January 2019 OLD SCHOOL OR OUT OF TOUCH? 2 Old School or Out of Touch? As the years have gone by, evidence-based practice has progressed the ways in which we treat patients. New concepts have been demonstrated to avoid complications, previously caused by medical errors, medication administration and steps in procedures. Meanwhile, everyone in the health care field must adapt and learn any revision. However, “Age is often associated with a decline in cognitive abilities that are important for maintaining functional independence, such as learning new skills.” (Clark R, Freedberg M, Hazeltine E, Voss MW, 2015). With that being said, we understand that, as we get older, the capability of learning new approaches becomes uneasy after having the experience for so many years. In this short story “Old School or Out of Touch?” Dr. Lacey has practiced many years treating all his patients with symptomatic SOB with the same treatment (Lasix). Evidence based practice has proved that those interventions must be changed to better ensure the life of the patients. The approach of treatment for shortness of breath is not always Lasix, unless it has been ruled out any cardiac congestion. The conflict in this short story involves the decision making of Dr. Corey Davidson as the new Emergency Department Director to take away the privileges of Dr. Lacey that has been practicing medicine longer than the hospital even existed. Director of Nursing, Margaret Truman had acknowledged the need for an ethical decision regarding the common issue of medication administration for SOB by Dr. Lacey. Once this ethical dilemma was recognized and processed, including moral rights, cost-benefit, fairness or justice, a judgement of right or wrong was analyzed to certainly reach the ethical decision making this situation required. Correct a document
Utilitarianism is one of the most widely debated moral theories, in which happiness of the greatest number of people in society is considered the greatest good. Actions are considered OLD SCHOOL OR OUT OF TOUCH? 3 morally right if it brings the greatest good to the greatest amount. In this case we can relate, Dr. Lacey can become a potential harm to incoming patients with dyspnea if it’s not handled or treated properly. Not only the potential harm for the life of these patients, but the inconvenience of nurses having to work double and constantly supervising the work of Dr. Lacey to help prevent any disservice. Omitting to act in a situation like this, will eventually bring more readmissions due to failure of patient treatment goal and even high mortality percent rate of the hospital. In my opinion, utilitarianism is ethically correct to apply in this setting. Corey Davidson must accept that by this action, the greatest number of people will be benefited, and privately assign either a more comfortable position in which Dr. Lacey feels useful, or converse about the possibilities of retirement due to the previous disadvantages. When trying to decide, based on most patients in comparison to staff, the right choice is to remove the authority position from the hospital. A doctor can be immediately replaceable, but a life cannot be brought back. Its morally correct to take this action and discontinue the privileges to potentially cause harm by Dr. Lacey. An approach like this needs to be assertive, in a one to one discussion and respect the rights of an employee. “Understanding and appreciating professional roles and responsibilities and communicating effectively emerged as the two perceived core competencies for patient-centered collaborative practice.” (Suter, E. Role understanding and effective communication as core competencies for collaborative practice, 2009). Correct a document
Code of conduct, laws and regulations need to be applied when confronting this situation. This outcome will bring beneficence to most of our incoming patients. This will be bringing confidence to patients regarding their stay at Crosby Community Hospital, as well as security to other medical staff including nurses that won’t need to be supervising Dr. Lacey for mistakes. Correct a document
OLD SCHOOL OR OUT OF TOUCH? 4 In conclusion, in the health care field, ethics is the most basic and important subject. Health care professionals, encounter situations daily in which ethical judgement must be made and actions must be taken. But with the four main principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice, patients will be honored by their rights and we can ensure a positive outcome for our patients. OLD SCHOOL OR OUT OF TOUCH? 5 References Clark, Rachel. (August 28th, 2015). PLOS. Are There Age-Related Differences in the Ability to Learn Configural Responses. Retrieved from Vermont Ethics Network. (2011). Health care ethics: Overview of the basics. Retrieved from Suter, Esther. (July 2009). Journal of Interprofessional Care. Role understanding and effective communication as core competencies for collaborative practice. Retrieved from Trevino, L. K., Nelson, K. A. (2007). Business ethics: Straight talk about how to do it right. … Correct a document