Correctional Facility Nursing: Promise Heights Jail HW

Correctional Facility Nursing: Promise Heights Jail HW

Correctional Facility Nursing: Promise Heights Jail HW

Assignment #1: Role of the Correctional Nurse

● Instructions:

○ In preparation for this assignment, students should read leading content by Dhaliwal and Hirst (2016); Choudhry, Armstrong, and Dregan (2017); and Williams and Heavey (2014).

○ Students who complete an individual assignment should write a 2-page-page (approximately 500 words):

■ Based on readings, students should define and describe the role of the correctional nurse. Students should compare what they learned about the correctional nurse role with the role of nurses in other settings. In addition, students should consider what preparation and experience would be helpful to succeed in a correctional nursing role. Students should use citations as appropriate.


Assignment #2a: Infographic: Prison Population

● Instructions:

· In preparation for this assignment, students should explore websites and scholarly sources that discuss characteristics of, and health issues related to, the prison population. In addition, students should learn about developing an infographic, which is a visual image such as a chart or diagram that represents data and information.

§ See or other sources of your choice for ideas on infographics.

· Students should create an infographic (visual representation) that depicts demographics, characteristics, and common health issues of the prison population. The infographic should address factors such as racial/ethnic mix, gender, age, chronic health conditions, mental health conditions, addictions, and communicable diseases. Students should include citations within the infographic.

· Students should submit the infographic document as directed by the course instructor.

§ Note: The drawing tools in Microsoft WORD are sufficient to create an infographic; purchase of additional software is not required to complete this assignment.

Assignment #3b: Reflection: Prison Population

● Instructions:

○ This activity should be completed after the Prison Population Infographic activity.

■ Students should write a short reflection about their Prison Population Infographic. Students should reflect on how their thinking about the prison population has been shaped through the development and review of the infographics.

■ From the context of the prison population as a community, students should propose 2 interventions targeting improvement of the health of the prison population. Students should address 2 wedges of the Public Health Interventions Wheel with these interventions.

Assignment #4: Debriefing (individual or group activity)

● Students will participate in debriefing and reflect on the clinical experience as guided by the instructor using the questions in the Debriefing Guide.

Course-Level Assignment: Clinical Evaluation Journal (individual activity)

● Using the Clinical Evaluation tool, students should identify and describe examples of how the clinical activities met the competencies associated with this module (approximately 150-200 words per competency).


Demarco, R.F. & Healey-Walsh, J. (2020). Community and public health nursing: Evidence for practice (3rd Ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer

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