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Health Promotion Plan Presentation

Health Promotion Plan Presentation

Health education is any combination of learning experiences designed to help community individuals, families, and aggregates improve their health by increasing knowledge or influencing attitudes (WHO, 2018). Education is key to health promotion, disease prevention, and disaster preparedness. The health indicator framework identified in Healthy People 2020 helps motivate action in such areas as health service access, clinical preventive services, environmental quality, injury or violence, maternal, infant and child health, mental health, nutrition, substance abuse, and tobacco use. Health Promotion Plan Presentation

Nurses provide accurate evidence-based information and education in various formal and informal settings. They draw upon evidence-based practice to provide health promotion and disease prevention activities to create social and physical environments conducive to improving and maintaining community health. When provided with the tools to be successful, people demonstrate lifestyle changes (self-care) that promote health and help reduce readmissions. They are better able to tolerate stressors, including environmental changes, and enjoy a better quality of life. In times of crisis, a resilient community is a safer community (ODPHP, n.d.; Flanders, 2018). Health Promotion Plan Presentation

This assessment provides an opportunity for you to apply teaching and learning concepts to the presentation of a health promotion plan.


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP). (n.d.). Healthy People 2020. Retrieved from https://www.healthypeople.gov/

Flanders, S. A. (2018). Effective patient education: Evidence and common sense. Medsurg Nursing, 27(1), 55–58.

Note: You must complete the first part of this two-part assessment in Assessment 1 before completing part 2 in this assessment.


Resume the role of a nurse tasked with addressing the specific community health concern identified in the first assessment. This time, you will present, via educational outreach, the health promotion plan you developed in the first assessment to your chosen community individual or group. You know that you must determine an effective teaching strategy, communicate the plan with professionalism and cultural sensitivity, solicit input on the value of the plan to its audience, and revise the plan as applicable to improve future educational sessions. To engage your audience, you decide to develop a slide presentation to communicate your plan. A copy of the slide presentation could also be given to audience members for future reference.

To prepare for the assessment, you are encouraged to complete the Vila Health: Educational Session simulation. You may also wish to review the health promotion plan presentation assessment and scoring guide to ensure that you understand all requirements.

Note: Remember that you can submit all, or a portion of, your draft plan to Smarthinking Tutoring for feedback before you submit the final version for this assessment. If you plan on using this free service, be mindful of the turnaround time of 24–48 hours for receiving feedback.


Complete the following:

  1. Prepare a slide presentation of the health promotion plan you developed in Assessment 1, with detailed speaker’s notes that include your evaluation of session outcomes.
  2. Implement your health promotion plan by conducting a face-to-face educational session addressing the health concern and health goals of your chosen participants. Collaborate with the participants in setting session goals, evaluating outcomes, and suggesting possible revisions to improve future sessions.


You may use Microsoft PowerPoint or other suitable presentation software to create your slides. If you elect to use an application other than PowerPoint, check with your faculty to avoid potential file compatibility issues.

The number of content slides in your presentation is dictated by nature and scope of your health promotion plan. Be sure to include title and references slides per the following:

  • Title slide:
    • Health promotion plan title.
    • Your name.
    • Date.
    • Course number and title.
  • References (at the end of your presentation).
    • Be sure to apply correct APA formatting to your references.


Support your plan with at least three professional or scholarly references, which may include peer-reviewed articles, course study resources, and Healthy People 2020 resources. Health Promotion Plan Presentation


The requirements outlined below correspond to the grading criteria in the assessment scoring guide, so be sure to address each point. Read the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed.

  • Present your health promotion plan to your chosen audience.
    • Tailor the presentation to the needs of your audience.
    • Adhere to scholarly and disciplinary writing standards and APA formatting requirements.
  • Evaluate educational session outcomes and the attainment of agreed-upon health goals in collaboration with participants.
    • Which aspects of the session would you change?
    • How might those changes improve future outcomes?
  • Evaluate educational session outcomes in terms of progress made toward Healthy People 2020 goals and leading health indicators.
    • What changes would you recommend to better align the session with Healthy People 2020 goals and leading health indicators?
Health Promotion Plan Presentation