Nursing Industry Trends

Nursing Industry Trends


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Assignment: Your initial meeting with your new boss went very well and you are now working in a department that supports the company’s strategic planning for growth in the industry. Your department head has asked you to do research from a newcomer’s perspective to inform existing company marketing directions. He has asked you to write a short paper detailing the three top trends in the industry, and focus on what you think is the most important issue in these trends. He is hoping to use your research to position your department to launch a new strategic plan. However, your immediate task is to do the research, write a short, focused paper with correctly cited sources to enable further study. You have been tasked to conduct research and share your paper “shell” with an introductory paragraph with the three trends and your draft References list by the end of Week 2. You will then incorporate feedback from your professor into your final paper, which will be due at the end of the Week 3.

This is your first real task and you are excited and a little nervous about the assignment. You think you have a sense of the industry but know you need to do more research to be spot on. The ability to spot trends in your industry is an important skill. enabling you to spend energy on new growth areas, products, and services. Spaeder (2007), writing for Entrepreneur, offers ideas about how to Spot the Latest Trends.

Your assignment is to produce an essay of 1,000-1,300 words in which you discuss THREE trends in your profession. You are to provide citations for at least SIX RESOURCES to support your ideas. You will give credit for ideas in your sources in proper APA “in – text” and complete citations on the References page. You will identify three trends, discuss them briefly, and then focus on a single issue that is especially important.

Your headings will follow this general pattern:

Title (First level heading) (This will precede your introductory paragraph. Please refer to sample.)

Top Trends in the _____ Industry (Second level heading)

An important emerging issue (and what it means in context to the industry) (Second level heading)

Conclusions (First level heading)

References (On a new page, centered, not bold)


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Running head: TRENDS IN MY INDUSTRY Trends in My Industry Juana Rodriguez UMUC 1 TRENDS IN MY INDUSTRY 2 Trends in My Industry In this first introductory paragraph, introduce your industry and identify the top three trends research has produced. In addition, introduce the reader to the issue that you will cover in more depth, which could be one of the trends or another interesting issue in the industry. Top Trends in the ____ Industry In this section, introduce the three top trends and explain them briefly explaining how they are new to the industry and what that portends for the industry. An Important Emerging Issue In this section, provide the results of your deeper research into one issue or trend. Be sure to provide “in text” resources correctly in APA format.
Conclusions Based on the above findings, this section will wrap up conclusions and perhaps consideration of the issue and its context to the industry. It is appropriate to discuss areas of uncertainty that require further research. Do not introduce anything new here but make focused conclusions based on your synthesis of the ideas from your resources and your own thoughts. +++++Insert a page break here so that your Reference always occur where they should+++++ TRENDS IN MY INDUSTRY 3 References Biggs, S., & Nadeau, K. (1992, December). Students with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Presented at Chesapeake Psychological Services to members of Nation’s Capital Area Disability Support Services Coalition. Retrieved from Booth, R. C. (1998). List of appropriate school-based accommodations and interventions. Highland Park, Ill.: National Attention Deficit Disorder Association. Retrieved from General information about Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder fact sheet number 19 (FS19). (1999, August). The Academy for Educational Development and the Office of Special Education Programs. Retrieved from, Nursing Industry Trends Hallowell, E. M., & Ratey, J. J. (1994). Driven to distraction: Recognizing and coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from childhood through adulthood. Retrieved from url or doi Latham, P. H. (2000). Attention Deficit Disorder in college faculty and students: Partners in education. National Center for Law and Learning Disabilities. Article retrieved from Robertson, A. S. (2000). ADD/ADHD: What does it mean for parents and families when their child is diagnosed with this condition? Retrieved from ..Nursing Industry Trends
Nursing Industry Trends