Nursing leadership and management

Nursing leadership and management

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read chapter attached and prepare a 500 words essay in Word document answering the following questions. document has to follow APA format.

You have been working on a busy orthopedic unit for 6 months. The average patient length of stay in the unit is 4 to 7 days. The program from which you have graduated has subsequently graduated a new class, and three of the new graduates are coming to work on your unit. The nurse manager has told you that she is counting on you to “demonstrate leadership and assist these new nurses to adapt to the work environment.”

Based on the behaviors of an effective leader found in this chapter, how will you assist your new colleagues?

1. What are the differences between leadership and followership?


2. Explain the necessity for developing self as an effective follower.


3. Describe a situation in which a person acted as a leader. Explain how you concluded that

the person was a leader.

4. Review the different leadership theories discussed in this chapter. Which ones appeal to

you as a guide for your future leadership development, and why? Which ones might be

more difficult to apply in your life, and why?


5. Have the students identify three goals for the next year that will assist you in becoming a

more effective follower.


6. Review with the class the qualities of effective leaders discussed in this chapter.

Nursing leadership and management

7. Develop a 1- to 2-year leadership plan applying the qualities of effective leaders.


8. Identify these qualities in leaders that you known. What specific

situations have you observed where these leaders have been effective and why?

Nursing leadership and management

a) -Identify specific situations.


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Chapter 1 Leadership and Followership Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company Leadership Leadership is the ability to influence the behavior of others. Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company Leadership Theories • Trait theories – Intelligence – Initiative – Creativity – Risk taking Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company Behavioral Theories • Concerned with what the leader does – Autocratic – Democratic – Laissez-faire Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company Comparison of Leadership Styles Authoritarian Democratic Laissez-Faire Degree of Control High Control Moderate Control Little Control Assumption of Responsibility Leader Shared Abdicate Efficiency Very Efficient Less Efficient than Authoritarian Inefficient Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company Additional Styles • • • • Task vs. relationship Situational Transformational Moral Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company Qualities of a Leader • • • • • Integrity Courage Initiative Energy Optimism Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company
• • • • Perseverance Balance Ability to handle stress Self-awareness Behaviors of a Leader • Thinks critically • Solves problems • Respects people Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company • • • • Communicates skillfully Sets goals Shares a vision Develops self and others Are You a Winner or a Whiner? • A winner says – We have a real challenge here. – I’ll give it my best. – That’s great! – We can do it. – Yes! Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company • A whiner says – This is really a problem. – Do I have to? – That’s nice, I guess… – Impossible. It can’t be done. – Maybe… Caring Leaders… • Respect others • Listen to others • Maintain selfawareness • Empathize Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company • Develop their capacities • Maintain both clinical and leadership competencies Followership • Effective followers participate actively in determining the group’s direction, invest time and energy in the group, think critically, and advocate for new ideas. Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company Followership (cont’d) • Separate from leadership • Reciprocal roles • Active roles Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company Becoming a Follower • • • • Make suggestions Be supportive of others Listen carefully Continue to learn Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company Managing Up • The process of consciously working with your manager to obtain the best results for everyone involved. Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company Ways to Manage Up • Help your manager compensate for weak areas. • Keep your manager informed. • Show your appreciation whenever possible. Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company Conclusion Every professional nurse needs leadership and followership skills to be effective. Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company Conclusion Different groups respond to different management styles. Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company … Nursing leadership and management