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Nursing Theorist application to care

Nursing Theorist application to care

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Briefly summarize your Nurse Theorist presentation from Week 7, focusing on the application of the theory to practice.

Must be 250-300 words

Must be APA format


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Heather Anglestein Nur 300 Nursing Theorist Imogene King Nursing Theorist Jan.1923-Dec.2007 Imogene King • Born January 30,1923 • Died December 24, 2007 • Developed the Theory of Goal Attainment -Describes nursing as a process of action • 1945-Graduated from St. John’s Hospital School of Nursing in St. Louis Missouri (www.NursingTheory.org (2016)) Imogene King • Earned her Doctoral in 1961 from Teachers College, Columbia University. • 1961-1966- was an Associate Professor at Loyola University of Chicago. • 1966-1968- worked as Assistant Chief of Research Grants Branch of the Division of Nursing in Washington D.C. (www.NursingTheory.org) Imogene King • 1968-1972- was Director of the Ohio State University School of Nursing. • 1971-1980- was a Professor at Loyola University in Chicago. Nursing Theorist application to care
• 1980-1990- was a Professor at the University of South Florida’s College of Nursing in Tampa, Florida. • Retired with the title Professor Emeritus Imogene King • King was also an active member of the following associations: -The District IV Florida Nurses Association -American Nurses Association -Sigma Theta Tau International -American Academy of Nursing Imogene King • 1996- King was awarded the American Nurses Association (ANA) Jessie M. Scott award for demonstrating the interrelationships among nursing practice, education, and research.
• 2004- King was inducted into the ANA hall of fame. Imogene King’s Other work • 1981- published Theory for Nursing: Systems, Concepts, Process • 2005- published The language of Nursing Theory and Metatheory • 1971 -published Toward a Theory for Nursing: General Concepts of Human Behavior • 1985- published Curriculum and Instruction in Nursing: Concepts and Process Theory of Goal Attainment • First introduced in the 1960s • Goal of Attainment describes nursing as a process of action “Nursing Process” • King believed that nurse-patient transactions or interactions and the information shared during the meetings were essential to the attainment of a patient’s health care (www.NursingTheory.org) Theory of Goal Attainment • The theory created an interpersonal relationship for the patient to be able to grow and develop in order to sustain life. • King believed that patients were social creatures and patients had fundamental needs such as…. *The need for health information *The need for help when one can not help/care for themselves *The need for care that prevents illness (Lavin,M.&Killeen, M. 2008). Theory of Goal Attainment Includes 3 interacting systems: 1) Personal System- perception of self, growth & development, Body image, Space and time. 2) Interpersonal System- Interactions with others, Communication, Transaction, Role and Stress. 3) Social System- Organization, Authority, Power, Status and decision making. Theory of Goal Attainment • Concept of the theory was for nurses and patient to communicate all information, set goals together, then take the agreed upon actions in achieving the goals.
• It is believed that nurse-patient transactions or interactions and the information exchanged during the interactions are essential to the attainment of a patient’s health care and goals.(Lavin,M.& Killeen,M. 2008) Theory of Goal Attainment • King believed that the Goal of Attainment defined nursing as a “ process of action”(www.Nursing-Theory.org 2016). • The goal of the nurse is to maintain the patient’s health by using the nursing process of planning, implementing, and then evaluating (www.Nursing-Theory.org2016). References • Lavin,M. & Killeen, M. (2008). Tribute to Imogene King. International Journal of Nursing Terminologies & Classifications, 19(2), 44-47. • www.Nursing-Theory.org/nursingtheorist/Imogene-King.php(2016). .Nursing Theorist application to care