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Organizational Communication

Organizational Communication

The New Career Development Program Organizational Communication

Read “The New Career Development Program that Ruins Careers Case” from Shockley-Zalabak’s Fundamentals of Organizational Communication from this unit’s studies. Apply the theory you learned in Chapter 9 to this situation by preparing an essay based on the discussion questions at the end of the case study. Be sure to discuss the conflict preferences, strategies, tactics, and emotions displayed by all of the participants involved in the situation.

Note: It is important that you thoroughly interpret and answer all four of the questions at the end of the case study. This applies to question three in particular. A careful reading of the case shows that any attempt to resolve the conflict has to include deciding who will run the project. If you read the case too quickly and do not analyze it, you may be apt to submit a response such as “Jane should think about it and then make a decision” or “Jane should have another meeting and then make a decision.” These types of answers for question three show a lack of careful consideration of the case, which will cost you points.

The important part to answering question three is that you suggest which individual or individuals Jane should pick to lead the project and that you provide detailed rationale for the decision. Case studies such as the one assigned here allow you an opportunity to work through difficult work decisions and make your best decision given the information available.

So, for the third question, make sure you take a stand based on what is known about the case and what you have learned from the course, and pick a leader and provide detailed ideas about why you think the person you have chosen might work best.

Second part Assignment Summary (Being of Final Project)

It is time to choose an organizational communication scenario to use as the case study for your final projectAttached is the Project Template. Most learners choose a problem or issue they are experiencing at their current workplace, but you may use any of the following:

    • A former place of employment. (my department which is Army Emergency Room)
    • A club.
    • A committee.
    • An organization for which you volunteer.

If your organization is larger than 500 employees, you may choose to concentrate on a communication situation pertaining to a particular section or department.

Review the requirements of the final project before choosing your scenario. Carefully choose a situation that will serve as an example or illustration of an organizational problem that needs to be resolved.

Submit your choice in a properly formatted and cited paper long enough to adequately introduce your organization and present a high-level description of the scenario you have chosen to study. This assignment will serve as a section of your final project. Take into account the knowledge and skills you have acquired from completing the iGuide.Organizational Communication


Unformatted Attachment Preview

Project Template Title of Paper Your name Your e-mail address Course title Course section Instructor’s name Date © Capella University 1 Project Template Introduction The introduction lets your reader know what to expect in the paper. It should stand alone to give an overall description of what the project is about and how it is organized. It should be concise and written in a style that grabs the reader so that they will want to read on. You can accomplish this by using an insightful personal statement or an interesting quote from an outside source. Please note that the entire paper should be written in third person rather than first. The format should include an indent of .5”, as demonstrated, and the entire paper must be doublespaced. All citations should have corresponding references listed on a separate page at the end of the paper, and citations and references should be formatted following APA guidelines. Follow the layout of this template to determine which sections and heading to include. Overview of the Organization and Case Study Include a brief description of your organization and a brief introduction to the case study. Use information from the summary you provided in assignment u07a2. Make this section flow smoothly from your introduction, and match verb tense and third-person perspective. Identify and Describe the Situation or Problem Knowledge Develop this and the following subsections, headings for which are included below, from your answers to the matching questions (the questions under each heading starting with “Identify and Describe the Situation or Problem”, likely starting on page 100 of the textbook) that you included in your project outline for assignment u08a1. Support and explain your writing by referencing a variety of sources. Cite and reference this information following APA guidelines (6th ed.).The New Career Development Program That Ruins Careers, communicat
For more information, visit the APA Style and Formatting tutorial on the Capella University Writing Center Web site. © Capella University 2 Project Template Sensitivity Skills Values Develop Alternatives and Test Possible Solutions Develop this section and the next from your answers to the matching questions on (the questions under each heading starting with “Identify and Describe the Situation or Problem”, likely starting on page 100 of the textbook) that you included in u08a1 Project – Outline. Support and explain your writing with a variety of sources that you cite and reference following APA guidelines (6th ed.).The New Career Development Program That Ruins Careers, communicat
Propose Solutions and Suggest Implementation Plans Summary The summary stands alone, as your introduction does, to explain to readers what was covered in the paper. This is aspect of writing will help your paper stand out to readers. Individuals often will simply scan the introductions or summaries of papers to see if the material might be applicable to their needs. Include your own insights and comments on the entire case study. Consider using an interesting quote to close the paper creatively. © Capella University 3 Project Template References References are listed on a separate page. This list includes all of the sources you cited in your paper. References should be formatted following APA guidelines (6th ed.). For more information, visit the APA Style and Formatting tutorial on the Capella website. Turnitin checks the originality of written works. Access is available to you at no cost from the navigation area of the course home page. © Capella University 4 …Organizational Communication