Paraphrasing nursing paper

Paraphrasing nursing paper


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Running head: TYPE YOUR SHORTENED TITLE Type Your Title Your Name Chamberlain College of Nursing NR443 Community Health Nursing Term Month and Year 1 TYPE YOUR SHORTENED TITLE 2 Type Your Title Here Type your introduction here and remove the instructions. Provide a brief description of your community including the city name and state and key features. Briefly introduce one aggregate or vulnerable population that you identified in your windshield survey. Discuss the purpose of your paper. The purpose statement of the paper should relate to assessing this vulnerable population in your community. See the APA file in Course Resources for additional writing resources such as the APA Annotated Paper and the
Chamberlain Guidelines for Writing Professional Papers. Vulnerable Population Overview Begin to type the body of your paper here and remove these instructions. Create one to two well-developed paragraphs about a vulnerable population you identified in your windshield survey. Describe this aggregate or vulnerable group in your community. Include your observations about this group from the windshield survey. Discuss events or trends that have affected this vulnerable group such as economic conditions, trends in health related behaviors or disease rates, etc. Cite any sources that you use. Strengths, Risk Factors, and/or Barriers Begin to type here and remove these instructions. Create one to two well-developed paragraphs to discuss the strengths, risk factors, and/or barriers that impact this vulnerable population’s health. Include support from at least one scholarly peer-reviewed journal article in this discussion (see the guidelines for details). You may include and cite your textbook or other types of scholarly sources as well, but they do not count as the scholarly journal article. Please do not include more than two short quotations, at most. Instead summarize and analyze the TYPE YOUR SHORTENED TITLE 3 information from the article in your own words. Cite all sources in the body of the paper and include them in the References list following proper APA formatting. Community Resources Begin to type here and remove these instructions. Create one to two well-developed paragraphs to describe the resources in your community that are available for this group. Use your own words to briefly describe the resource and cite the resource with the organization’s name and year (or n.d. if a date cannot be found on the website). Include the full reference to the organization on the Reference page. Next discuss whether these resources are adequate for your vulnerable group. If so, discuss why. If not, discuss gaps in services that you identified.
Community Health Problem Diagnosis Begin to type here and remove these instructions. Create one to two well-developed paragraphs to discuss one priority community health problem this vulnerable group experiences that a community health nurse could positively impact. Next state a Healthy People 2020 numbered objective that relates to this problem. Discuss this objective. See the guidelines for more information. Summary End with a summary and conclusion. In one well developed paragraph, summarize important points from the body of your paper including the aggregate or vulnerable group you identified and key factors that you discussed above that affect the health of this group. Include a statement about the priority problem you identified.
End with a concluding statement. No matter how much space remains on the page, the references always start on a separate page (insert a page break after the conclusion so that the references will start on a new page). TYPE YOUR SHORTENED TITLE 4 References Type your references in alphabetical order here using the hanging indents set up here. Include all references cited in your paper. This must include one scholarly peer-reviewed journal article that was discussed above. Also reference any agencies you discussed (a URL link is not sufficient) and the text if you discussed it above. We have included the correct reference for Healthy People 2020 below, but you may need to change the year. See your APA Manual and the resources in your APA folder in Course Resources for reference formatting. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2017). Healthy People 2020: Topics and objectives. Retrieved from Paraphrasing nursing paper Vulnerable Populations in Elmhurst, NY Vulnerable Populations in Elmhurst, NY In this study on the factors influencing the health of the minority individuals in the society, I shall base my case study in a small city in New York called Elmhurst. It covers an area of approximately 1.172 square miles.
The population of this city is less or equal to 88,427. The city of Elmhurst is characterized by communities made of homeless people and drug addicts. This small community has many drug addicts, the environment they are living in not conducive due to the dirt laying everywhere and majority of the residents are not as educated as the other regions in New York. Alcoholics in Elmhurst, NY Recently, I was driving for the Windshield Survey and as I passed through the city of Elmhurst. I noticed there were a lot of people from different ethnic groups and majority of them were bedraggled. There were groups of the people hanging out at the front of the bars in the city, these bars are few but each had people hanging outside while the others were either walking up and down the streets or standing in groups to observe the projects going on near them. My focus to study alcoholics as the vulnerable group has been influenced by the fact that they can be found anywhere and comprise of varying age groups. Alcoholics can sometimes be homeless as I have come to learn in my practice.
They are frequenters in healthcare centers in search of a warm place to spend the night, when looking for a solution to detox or when they are affected by alcoholism severely. i.e. renal failure and depression. Major risk factors for alcoholics The society of today places many people at risk of becoming alcoholics, with alcohol and other drugs currently being very accessible, there is the risk that the society is going to be treating huge numbers of alcoholics never seen before. The people who are at this risk as described by Mayo clinic; a non-profit making medical research group, are those who engage in drinking at a tender, the depressed, those with family history of alcoholism, constant intake of alcohol, those that have mental health issues and other factors touching on society and culture (Mayo Clinic, 2017). Chances of saving the people born from families with a history of alcoholism from the same vice of alcoholism are minimal. Alcoholism has been defined as the harmful and repeated use of alcohol despite the social status of the user and the legal rules in place. Alcoholism leads to dependence on alcohol depicted through the inability to reduce the level of alcohol uptake, the physical dependence on alcohol or inability to quit (Gwyn, 2010). Community Resources The solutions for reducing the substance abuse in this community are easily accessible. Although the willingness of the users to get help is the first step in the healing process, not many alcoholics are willing to take it. There is Elmhurst Hospital Center in the city that has an Addiction Program for the adults who are struggling to quit substance abuse such as alcohol or any other chemical. Paraphrasing nursing paper
This program is suitable for those who require more attention than an outpatient program although the patient does not have to be booked for a full hospital stay (Elmhurst Hospital Center, 2017). This program involves close monitoring of the user by psychiatrists and highly qualified counselors for a given period of time before being moved to a less intense level. The other facility available to help is the Mental Health Providers of Western Queens. The kind of service offered in this facility is Western Queens Recovery Services (WQRS) that provides outpatient treatment services to assist individuals who suffer from chemical abuse or dependence. WQRS is communitybased, serving adults, adolescents and children. They are considered as the primary providers of this kind of issue (MHPWQ, 2017). The third workable solution is the Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A) that brings men and women together in sharing of their past and present experiences, strengthening and giving hope to one another in their course to solve the common problem. The fact that it is a group independent of denomination, political organization or any social or cultural categorization makes it a good place for the alcoholics to begin their healing process. The group can be found anywhere and consists of twelve steps program that aids in getting rid of the desire for alcohol thereby setting the users free from its bondage to become useful people in the society again (A.A. 2017). Healthy People 2020 in Relation to Alcoholics in Elmhurst, NY In the Healthy People 2020 (HP2020), a program by the national health on ways to improve the health of Americans, there is the objective SA-16 of reducing the average annual alcohol consumption under the topic of substance abuse. The overall goal of this objective is the reduction of the number of alcohol gallons consumed by people between the age of 14 and above. The exact goal of HP2020 is 2.1 gallons a reduction from the average of 2.3 gallons in the year 2007. This number can be achieved through creating awareness on alcoholism to the public, getting help from the medical practitioners, and educating those already suffering from alcoholism on the various solutions available to them (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2016). Conclusion To conclude, as observed, Elmhurst is a very small town that has many problems. With alcoholism being one of them, the city has tried in ensuring they have availed different forms of solutions even though many of the abusers of alcohol are reluctant to use them. The nurses in the community health facilities can lend their services by assisting the substance abusers on their road to recovery. References Mayo Clinic (2017). Alcohol use disorder. Paraphrasing nursing paper
Retrieved on September 21, 2017, from Gwyn, P., & Colin, J. (2010). Research with the doubly vulnerable population of individuals who abuse alcohol: an ethical dilemma. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health Services, 48(2), 38-43. doi:10.3928/02793695-20100108-01 Elmhurst Hospital Center (2017). Addiction Program. Retrieved on September 21, 2017, from Western Queens Recovery Services (2017). Retrieved on September 21, 2017, from Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (2017). Retrieved on September 21, 2017, from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2016). Healthy People 2020: Topics & Objectives. Retrieved on September 21,2017, from, … Paraphrasing nursing paper