Planning for Success discussion post

Planning for Success discussion post

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Unit 2: Your Success

  • Unit 2 Planning for Success


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    Planning For Your Success

    TranscriptSuccessfully completing your courses is an important component of success in your doctoral program. In this unit, we will switch our focus to some of the other factors that are equally as critical, such as managing your time, having a financial plan, creating a support network, and keeping your goals and priorities in mind.The Campus website has resources that can help you in all of these areas. In this unit, we will point out some of these resources, help you identify people that you can enlist for support throughout your program, and encourage you to create a comprehensive plan that you can share with your Academic Advising Support team member and that you can use to stay on track to completion.Click Planning for Success to watch the video introduction for this unit.Exploring all information and resources provided in this unit could take up to 3 or 4 hours. How long you actually spend depends on you. Based on your previous educational experiences, you may spend slightly more or less time.After reading through this introduction, work through the unit activities.


    To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:

    1. Understand the requirements of your doctoral program.
    2. Clarify your goals and priorities.
    3. Explain how resources and strategies can be used to help you succeed in your program.
    4. Create a plan for successfully completing the requirements of your degree program.
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    [u02s1] Unit 2 Study 1


    Knowing what to expect on your doctoral journey will help you create an effective plan for reaching your goals. After completing this study, you will understand the requirements of your doctoral program, know your goals and priorities, and begin to plan for your success.Courseroom Tip: The resources we have included below were chosen specifically to be most helpful to you as you get started in your program. At the end of this seminar, we will provide you with an Orientation Toolkit that contains more resources you can review after orientation and use throughout your program.



    Time Management

    Learner Tip: A necessary part of your planning is to know beginning, drop, and end dates for courses at Capella. Reference the Academic Calendar on Campus to make sure you are aware of these important dates.Support

    Career Planning

    • Take a minute to watch this short Welcome Message to better understand why creating a plan for achieving your career goals early in your academic program is an advantage; this and how the Career Center can support you.

    Financial Planning

    • Campus: Financial Aid – The Financial Aid area of the Web site will help you understand how to plan for and finance your education.
      • Be sure to check out the Financing Your Education section as it houses a number of resources to help you create your financial plan.
      • There are dedicated Doctoral Financial Aid Counselors available to discuss your specific needs and questions. Information for how to contact a Doctoral Financial Aid Counselor is located in the Financial Aid Planning section.
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    [u02d1] Unit 2 Discussion 1

    Staying on Track

    Students who have a strong, personal, professional, and academic support network are more likely to succeed in school. As you begin your doctoral program, you have the ability to design your support network so that it is most beneficial to you. Informing others that you are returning to school, educating them about what that means, and letting them know specifically how they can help, will be a catalyst for your success.For this discussion, complete the following:

    • Complete the Readiness Center Self-Management: Evaluate Your Support Network module (linked in the Resources).
    • Reflect on what you learned in the module. Then write and post one to two paragraphs in response to the following guidelines.
      • Describe one person you can enlist to help support you as you pursue your doctoral degree.
      • Describe how that support person can help you.
      • Explain how you will ask that person to provide you with that support.

    To create a discussion post, click u02d1 Unit 2, Discussion 1, and click Create Thread. Write a response to the questions as your initial post.


    Read other learners’ posts and respond to at least one. This is an opportunity for you and your fellow learners to share strategies. As you continue your doctoral work at Capella, your learning colleagues can be a great resource of support, accountability, and inspiration to achieve your goals. You can start building that part of your support network right now.


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    [u02a1] Unit 2 Assignment 1

    Developing a Plan for Success

    The purpose of this assignment is to help you reflect on the interconnected components of your doctoral journey and develop a plan for success to achieve your goals. This assignment will also help you prepare for and get the most out of your first phone conversation with your Academic Advising Support.Completing your doctoral degree requires more than just academic skills. It also includes:

    • Understanding the academic requirements of your doctoral program and how those requirements are integrated with, and build upon, each other to lead to the completion of your degree.
    • Effectively managing your time and budget.
    • Enlisting the support of others, such as family, friends, colleagues, classmates, or faculty.
    • Maintaining your motivation by revisiting your goals and purpose for earning a doctoral degree.


    Step 1: Check the scoring guide.

    • Open the Developing a Plan for Success Scoring Guide in the Resources to see how this assignment will be graded.

    Step 2: Complete the assignment.

    • Open the Developing a Plan for Success Worksheet in the Resources and follow the directions to complete it.
    • Save your completed worksheet as a Word document to your computer using the following title: u02a1_Your Name.

    Step 3: Submit your assignment.

    • Attach your Word document to this assignment and submit it. To do that, complete the following:
      • Click the u02a1 Unit 2 Assignment 1 heading.
      • In the assignment area, click Browse My Computer to locate and attach your document to this assignment.
      • Click Submit.

    Step 4: Review your feedback.

    • You will see an alert in your Course Updates when your assignment has been graded. To see your grade and instructor feedback, complete the following:
      • Click My Grades.
      • Click the Graded tab.
      • Click on the assignment and then open the scoring guide.

    Courseroom Tip: As you continue taking courses at Capella, it is important that you review instructor feedback on all assignments and discussions. This is a necessary part of your learning and improvement process.


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    [u02q1] Unit 2 Quiz 1

    Check Your Understanding

    This quiz gives you an opportunity to evaluate your understanding of what you have learned throughout orientation.

    • There is no time limit on the quiz.
    • After you answer all questions, submit the quiz. It is automatically scored, and you will receive feedback immediately.
    • To pass this quiz, you must achieve a score of 80 percent or higher.
    • You may retake the quiz as many times as you want. Only the highest score achieved is recorded in the course gradebook.
    • If you have questions about the quiz, contact your facilitator.

    Click the linked quiz title to access the quiz.

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    [u02s2] Unit 2 Study 2

    Moving Forward

    Congratulations!You have reached the end of your University Orientation Seminar and are prepared to begin the first course in your Capella University doctoral program.Throughout this orientation, you have explored resources and developed strategies to help you successfully complete your program. You will be guided throughout your doctoral journey by advisors, faculty, librarians, financial aid counselors, research specialists, career counselors, family, friends, and colleagues.During your journey, you will grow as a scholar and as a professional. You will transition from consuming information to producing information and will emerge as an independent researcher, scholar, and contributor to your field.This orientation will be available to you throughout the duration of your first course, and you can refer back to the content anytime during the coming weeks.Planning for Success discussion post


    To send you on your way, we have created a resource to help you as you begin your academic program—the Doctoral Orientation Toolkit.The Doctoral Orientation Toolkit collects not only the resources introduced in this orientation but additional resources to help you get started, in one convenient place. You will notice it is organized by tabs at the top related to the themes discussed throughout this orientation.

    • First, save this link to your browser (bookmark or add to favorites) for easy access in the weeks to come after orientation:
    • After opening the Doctoral Orientation Toolkit, review the tabs and begin to familiarize yourself with the resources. Start to think about which resources you may want to spend additional time reviewing.
    • Return to the toolkit as you are getting acclimated to Capella and the resources available to you.

    Thank you for joining us in this seminar, and welcome to Capella!Planning for Success discussion post

  • [u02q2] Unit 2 Quiz 2


    Please take a few moments to complete the Seminar Evaluation regarding your experience in this seminar. Your feedback is very important and will help Capella make improvements to the seminar that will benefit future learners. Your answers are anonymous.Click the linked evaluation title to access it, and complete it as instructed. If you have any issues with the evaluation, contact your facilitator.While completing the evaluation, please be sure to click Save Answer for each question, click Save All Answers at the end, and then click Save and Submit.Your input is appreciated.

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    Unit 2 Updates and Handouts

    Course instructors will use this discussion thread to post additional information for the good of the class. It is best practice to check this space each time you log in to see if new updates have been posted from your instructor.Click the Updates & Handouts heading now to review information that has been added by your Orientation course facilitator.Planning for Success discussion post