RN Information Systems In Healthcare Project

RN Information Systems In Healthcare Project

RN Information Systems In Healthcare Project

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This paragraph(s) provides a way to introduce the paper. Briefly explain the purpose of the paper. Remember, this is an APA, 7th edition scholarly paper. REMINDER: Remember to keep the headings bolded and remove these directions beneath each heading when you start your paper. Please read the assignment directions, view the video, and check the rubric before beginning.

Patient Scenario

In this area, explain your identified topic from the Healthy People 2030 link in the guidelines and a clear and thorough patient scenario. Describe a patient with a health condition or health behavior who is wanting to maintain or achieve good health. Include a synopsis of your nursing assessment of learning needs and readiness to learn. Include one scholarly peer-reviewed article citation related to your scenario and cite the source in APA 7th edition format.

Patient Education/Teaching Plan

In this section include a description of the details of your planned teaching for the patient. Be sure to use full sentences in your own words when describing the content of your plan in depth.

Description of mHealth app

For this part of the paper, identify and describe the mHealth app that would benefit the patient. Be sure to describe the app by name, purpose, intended audience, mobile device for operation, and where to download and obtain it. Include any other pertinent information about the app and the patient scenario. Be sure to add an APA citation for the mHealth app in APA 7th edition format. If there is a working link to this app, please include this at the end of this section.


List the two required references here in APA 7th edition format. One reference will be associated with your chosen mHealth app (See page 340 in your APA Manual 7th edition) and the second will be from a scholarly journal related to your patient scenario. If you use additional optional sources in your paper, these must be cited in the body of the paper and listed here as a reference in APA format as well.