Two Separate Paper In The Medical Ethics

Two Separate Paper In The Medical Ethics

Two Separate Paper In The Medical Ethics

I have to write one full page about the study case and it should present my position (my opinion or thesis statement) and you have to put ethical theory to back up your analysis. You need to use an ethical theory to justify your argument.

( i will attached the case study that you have to write about and an example for the paper). ” the name of the paper is medical ethics paper 2″ you can see it as example


the other paper is for the final but it should be just one full page about any issue in the medical ethics and you have to put an intruduction, thesis statement and one pargraph to talk about the argument or the issue.


Globalization of Clinical Research

Global clinical researches have many shades of grey to it. A majority of the medical advancements happen in the name of clinical trials are conducted on the poorer, powerless, and helpless patients. This practice seems unethicalas it is embraced by pharmaceutical companies as a part of their profitable business plans. One of the most famous yet disturbing example of such researches is the experiments performed in the Nazi concentration camp inmates during the Great wars.

Firstly, for the operations of clinical trials drug industries often conduct their researches in areaswhere the population is poor and this significant segment of poorer population is located in abundance. Almost all the major pharmaceutical companies’ targets developing countries like India, Africa and Latin America for their trials, when the drug is meant for use outside these geographic locations. The drugs tested in these areas’ population may not be for the diseases prevalent in these geographic locations. This means that these countries would most likely not be able to reap the benefits of such trials health wise.Yet another concern to the story is whether or not the drug upon approval would be available for use in those countries where it was tested, if necessary. These uncertainties suggest the unjust behavior of the globalized clinical researches.

The main objective of the clinical researches is to collect data. In addition to these, placebo groups for the drugs tested are also from these underdeveloped world rather than from the developed world such as the U.S.A and Western Europe, despite FDA preferences. This means the placebo would receive minimal medical attention ultimately leading to their death, thus helping the industries get their so-called valuable data through ruthless human sacrifices. Every human life is precious and a gift of God. This is immensely unfair if the helplessness of the people in the underdeveloped world is misused.

The overall concept of the Doctrine of Double Effect is thata harmful effect is permissible if and only if the overall good effects outweighs the bad effects. In this case study, however, human lives are risked and pitted against drugs whose direct benefits might not be actually be useful to the nations lives being risked. In addition, there could be a high possibility of failure in the drug performance, as the genetic profiles of trial population might be different from target population. This could significantly alter the safety and effectiveness of the drugs. Ethically speaking, the industries must focus on drugs that actually cure the diseases prevalent in the areas where trial population is located. The availability of the drugs after approval to the population being tested if needed is yet another important factor. Human lives all across the globe must be treated with equal respect and values. Only these can bring about globalization of clinical research in its truest sense.