Week 8 NURS 6003 Student Response Paper.

Week 8 NURS 6003 Student Response Paper.

Week 8 NURS 6003 Student Response Paper.


Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts by offering additional ideas regarding academic achievements to include or offering alternative ways of presenting the current achievements.

Student #1

Today’s modern era for career placement and advancement is competitive with a vast pool for potential employment. Traditionally, employers only went by resumes ( McCabe, 2017). However, resumes and portfolios are ways to make oneself stand out amongst the other candidates for employment. Attaching an e-portfolio to a resume makes the resume stand out and give the employer more information to determine potential effectiveness for the role (McMillian et al., 2014). According to Casey & Egan (2013), e-portfolios can significantly reduce paperwork and create ease of access. Portfolios can have several structures, including shopping trolley, spinal structure, and cake mix stricture, which focuses more on the journey of learning, enlightening personal development (Casey & Egan, 2013). Week 8 NURS 6003 Student Response Paper.

Academic portfolios can start with creating a folder and saving documents threw school that shows accomplishment, achievement, and personal growth by helping students recognize performance gaps examining clinical skills and knowledge obtained (McMillian et al, 2014). Universities and educators make e-portfolios a priority amongst its students and may require attaching their link to cover letters, resumes, and email signatures (Leahy & Filiatrault, 2017). Employers view e-portfolios to get to the interview stage even though they are still relatively new in the hiring process (Leahy& Filiatrault 2017). Week 8 NURS 6003 Student Response Paper.

By attaching works related to higher education, one can begin to build an academic e-portfolio with written works saved and added to the e-portfolio in addition to academic success including the Dean’s list, memberships, and organizations, to highlight the applicant’s keen interests and goals including their capstone upon completion (Casey & Egan, 2013). Adding continuing education requirements required by the nursing board for licensure is also a great way to highlight continued education and drive for the nursing profession, which will stand out to a potential employer or an advanced learning institution. Week 8 NURS 6003 Student Response Paper.


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